when we first met

Brace yourself for a hilarious and so-cheesy-it’s-cringe-worthy blog post.

I was a senior in high school when I met Kurt Benkert. Apparently there was already a buzz about him around school. He was new and tall and handsome and polite, etc., My friends already knew of him and scoffed at me when I said, “no, I literally have never seen him. Ever”. Then I finally did. *Cue heart eyes*. We had quite a few mutual friends so we crossed paths often. Then I realized we had a class together. I was adamant on not expressing that I thought we was cute and that I liked him. I would not be that girl who liked the good looking, new to the school, football player. Nope, wasn’t going to happen.

So, we start talking in class and became distant friends. Texting about homework and test dates… not much more than that. We had lunch together but never sat at the same table. One day after school during football season, a teacher took a photo of him attempting to braid my hair before a football game. I loved that picture so much. I ran home and told my mom about what happened after school that day. How embarrassing. I was dating someone else but I knew I liked him (and when she first met him, she told him this story and I was more embarrassed than any other time in my life). I really really liked him. On the last day of the first semester (right before winter break), I knew we wouldn’t see each other for a while and it really bummed me out. I kept thinking, “what if I just blurted out right here, right now, how I like him and think he’s the coolest”. I didn’t end up doing that.

Little did I know, he wouldn’t be coming back to our high school. He transferred high schools and I didn’t see him for a while after that. I thought about him often. I kind of always knew it was him, right from the beginning. I was dragging out a relationship that needed to end a long time prior and finally I did. Being the immature teenager that I was, I tweeted all about it. Kurt immediately texted me asking if I was okay. Adorable, I know. You would have thought I died right then and there when I read the text. We started talking a little but more but not all that much.

A few months go by and it was his birthday. I texted him saying I was thinking about him (because, obviously) and hoped his birthday was fun. He said he was alone and didn’t do anything. I asked if he wanted to grab ice cream. He did. I died again. My heart stopped. Not joking. We went and got ice cream together and we were inseparable ever since, truly. I have never believed something more than the saying, “you know when you know”. We knew. I had never been happier. The first few months were so much fun. We went all over the place together, driving in my car. The beach, FGCU, my old apartment in Estero, the mall, Siesta Key, the same old ice cream place, everywhere. About 3 weeks into us seeing each other, I met him at his friend’s house. We talked in my car until 3 AM then my battery died. I called my dad who was working nights who came to the rescue. That was embarrassing too (thanks for being so cool about that, dad). I kept thinking he would officially ask me to be his girlfriend. Days were going by and I was so impatient. (Kurt, when you read this I want to remind you, you waited too long!) Finally, after one of his games, I thought it was coming because he was acting strange. Nope, didn’t happen. That night I went to his dad’s house to hangout after his game and he said, “I have a question”. Me: “yes?”, then I died again… yes, again. Then he says, “Do you mind if I go to the bathroom real quick?”. That seriously happened. I sat in his room so confused and so red in the cheeks and my heart was racing. He came back and said, “Can I call you my girlfriend?”. I mean duh, finally, you idiot.

A lot has happened since then but now I am his wife and I am happier with him everyday.



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