i love you already, baby k!


So if you know me, you know I love all things creative. Last weekend I threw my sister (in-law) her baby shower and it turned out adorable! She said she loved the ‘woodland’ theme so I started with that. Woodland is pretty popular right now but décor was somewhat hard to find so I added the Fall theme.

Below are pictures from the party as well as details about everything!



Measure Mommy’s belly game!
“Who know’s mommy best?” Printable made by me.
“Who knows mommy best?”
My lovely sister-in-law, Annie.
Another game, “How many in the jar?”. This was a prize as well. There were 367, if you were curious. The adorable copper glitter canister is from the dollar spot at Target.
Some of the table decor. The table cloth is from Walmart, mason jar filled with pine cones from Michaels, and the center piece was made by Nikki’s best friend Jess and turned out so cute! It was all Dollar Tree finds too!
I loved how this turned out. We made festive trail mix as favors with candy corn, pretzels, M&M’s and other yummy treats. The “thankful” basket, gold “K”, and the owl are all from Michaels.
Mini-cupcakes made by me with the cutest leaf sprinkles from Michael’s. The cupcake stand is from Amazon.
Leaf garland rom the Dollar store and the cake stand is from Target.


This is the bar area and had yummy food on it during the party. The center peices were made by Nikki’s best friend, Jess and were all from the Dollar Tree. The pumpkins were from the Dollar Tree as well. The burlap and sequin table runners were from Amazon.
Front entry table with guest book sign-in as well as cupcakes and party favors. The table cloth is from the Dollar Tree, the burlap penants are from Target.


Haybale scare crows were all from the Dollar Tree.
The cutest gift basket that Nikki recieved.
The guest book for Baby K.
Woodland animals being reused for Baby K’s nursery from Michaels.


Thank-you table: mini pumpkins, hay bales, and scare crow from the Dollar Tree. The mini pine cones, the owl, and the bird are all from Michaels.
Fox plate from Walmart.





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