train your brain

You don’t have a choice on how people treat you but you do have a choice on how it affects you.

Some people just suck. Plain and simple. Fact of life. There is nothing you can ever do to change it. There’s two things I have learned to tell myself over time that have helped soften the blow when people are mean or disappointing. The first being, “You either accept people for who they are and realize that you cannot and will not change them or you can let them go”. My mom taught me this. When I became the age where girls get snotty to each other and you start to think all your friends hate you, she told me this. She told me that we get to choose our friends but we couldn’t change them. So you either accept them or decide you will not be friends with them and they will not be a part of your life. This is one of my life motto’s actually. It can be hard to practice what I preach to myself sometimes but it always makes me feel better. If someone really hurts me bad enough, I think to myself, “I have the choice to not let them disappoint me and decide that they cannot be a part of my life” and it often really helps. The second thing I tell myself is, “How people treat you says more about them and less about you”. I’ve had a few times in my life where people were shockingly hateful, we all have experienced this. But in those moments I remind myself (very consciously) that it’s nothing I said or nothing I did that warranted that behavior or response. Granted, I have done things I am not proud of and regret BUT that does not mean people get to treat me (or anyone) so nasty. The older I get the more I realize that I can control nothing and no one but myself. If I have the choice to not let things bother me and always try my best to have a positive and happy attitude and outlook, I am going to make that choice. Ultimately, my life will be better.

P.S. I did not do yoga every day for 7 days… wah wah wahhhhh. But, I did do it almost every day. I forgot how much I love yoga. I have continued to do it the last few days and hope to keep making the time for it in my day. I have posted a tiny snippet of one of the days I did yoga below!



2 thoughts on “train your brain

  1. Usually it is not about how other people feel about you but rather how you feel about yourself. Being happy with the person who you want to be.


  2. You are wise beyond your years, Sam. Many people go through their entire lives allowing toxic people to continually create chaos because they don’t realize they have a choice. Keep smiling 😉


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